A native of the Metropolitan of Washington, DC, Mychea holds a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design and is the author of
11 fiction novels and 2 eBooks, resulting in over half a million book sales. She is also the writer and producer of 3 stage plays and  web series that were filmed in Maryland and DC.


Mychea has launched From Ground Zero to Published, an online writing and publishing course to help individuals looking to self-publish books or publish the traditional way. Currently viewable on YouTube on Channel Mychea.

Most recently Mychea has ventured into public speaking and hosting seminars on publishing in today’s market.


Mychea currently has a web series running on YouTube, He Loves Me He Loves You Not. She will also debut her
Rock Your Power event in the near future, that focuses on women empowerment and acknowledges women in DC, MD and VA for extraordinary works of service in their community, overcoming the odds of circumstance and persevering, business owners
and beyond.

In her spare time Mychea loves to volunteer at men and women shelter’s, read romance, suspense and mystery novels, draw, plan events and hang out with friends.